Twitam Apk download And Reviews

Twitam app and reviews

twitam apk download

Twitam app is a social media networking platform

With new features which enable   you to  login  your nnuforum  accounts and, and sharing of viral share on  it is now easyTwitam apk download

The app is built to enhance and build up our social llife.. you can also earn  some points why using the app.

Twitam apk download

App features

POSTING= one twitam you can actually share you stories, and also you can advertise your goods and services on twitam. Without no single fee..

MESSAGING= twitam a allows you to send and receive message just like facebook and all other messaging apps

REGISTER/LOGIN NNUFORUM= This features allows you to login and register  nnuforum with just one tap and sharing of viral share is now made easy

CONNECT WITH FRIENDS= like we said earlier twitam is a social media, which allows you to connect with friends  all over the glob

CREATING PAGE AND GROUPS= just like facebook, twitam allows you to create your own group and pages. You can also join group or like/follow others page.

APK NAME= twitam






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