Things To Consider Before Getting Married

Marriage is the legal biding of a man and woman declaring them both husband and wife. The reason why people get married are numerous, but two are basic; For procreation and companionship.

As recorded in the Holy Bible, God blessed Adam and Eve, which can be regarded as the very first marriage in history. But today, due to population, marriage takes place every day in different parts of the globe as well in various forms due to religion. Apart from the court wedding, Christians observe their wedding in the church, Muslims celebrate their wedding in the mosque and many other religions in their place of worship. I’m not here to dispute any belief, and it’s ways because everyone has the right to his or her faith.

In this article, I’ll be shedding light on a significant factor to consider before getting married. In other words, things to consider before getting married. You don’t just jump into marriage if you aren’t ready for it because marriage is a lifetime commitment.

Some people say marriage is like a lifetime sentence. Choose your partner wisely.
I’ll be splitting up the things to consider into two. They are the primary and secondary factors. Below are the primary factors :

Things to consider before getting married


What is love? Love is a short but intense word. It has been defined by various men of high reputation, but according to the Oxford dictionary, love is a profound and caring affection towards someone. Another person described love as an emotional seed planted by God and watered by man.

Looking at those two definitions, we can say it all revolves around affection. Which means you do not have to get married to someone you do not love. Hey, it’s for a lifetime, remember? Do you want to spend your whole life, not happy? No. Although some people get to marry who they don’t love due to some reasons like parental enforcement and others. No matter the pressure, I’ll advise you not to do it because all those things last just for a while. You’ll be fed up if you don’t truly love your partner for who he is and not what he is. Let’s take a look at this instance; he’s rich. Imagine him becoming poor, will you still stay? Those are some ways to test yourself if you genuinely love your partner. For better for worst don’t forget.

Now we’ll move on to the second factor. Love covers all that’s why I made it primary, but I still have to mention some important ones so you’ll be aware.


Trust means confidence in or reliance on some person or quality. But here, your partner is the main person. In marriage, problems are bound to occur. It’s inevitable, but the only trust keeps you both going. If you cannot confide in him or her, please don’t get married.


Yes, he or she must be forgiving. It’s a pure lie if I say it’s going to be rosy all through. Ask any person in your neighbourhood or close to you who has been married for years. They’ll share with you some of their experiences. It’s never easy. You’ll be living with a different person for the rest of your life. You both have to adapt to your right and wrong sides, and this can be done only through the act of forgiveness. There’s no such as a perfect spouse.

Control Of Emotion

Please don’t get married to someone quick to anger. Be it a he or she. This is part of the reasons we see some husbands beating up their wives which is wrong. You need to confirm to avoid costly mistakes.


Are you happy when you are with him or her? If yes, go ahead. If your answer is no, kindly back out of the relationship. There’s nothing much to explain in this. Just making sure the person you are about to marry gives you joy and happiness. Lack of joy in one’s life shortens lifespan.


When some problems occur, and you try to explain. What is his or her reaction towards it? Does he/she understand or forgive easily or not? Like I said, in marriage, misunderstanding is bound to occur. You can only cope with some who understands you.


Are you his/her priority and vice versa? Ensure the answer to this question is yes before saying yes to marriage.


Marriage is not something you dive into without looking at it carefully. Ensure you are sure of what you are doing. Do not be driven by peer pressure, love of luxury or family pressure. All those things last just for a while. Remember it’s you and your spouse and nobody else. Not even your mother, father, siblings or friend. You are on your own. Don’t get it wrong. Marriage can be so beautiful if with the right person but a horror if with the wrong person.

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