How To Impress Your Interviewers Before, During And After An Interview

We all know that before we get a regular job, an interview must be passed and how do you ensure that you perform well during the meeting. Don’t worry because today in this article I’ll be explaining every single detail you need to know.

When you do not perform up to standard or expectations to your interviewers, you’ve automatically lost the job. That is so sad to the applicant.

Here are things you need to possess in other to impress your interviewers before, during and after the interview.

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

A curriculum vitae is like you in the paper. All your abilities, level of education, experiences and much more should be in your C.V. Ensure your curriculum vitae is top-notch possessing every single quality about you as well in an impressing and standardized way. Of course, you know your interviewers get to see your C.V before deciding to call you for the interview or not. So you have to make a good impression before the actual meeting. In case you are finding it challenging to compose a good C.V. of yourself, you might want to read Guidelines For Composing A Standard C.V.


Punctuality plays a significant role in making a good impression to your interviewers. Come earlier before the time. For example, your interview is 10:00 am, arrive there by 09:45 am.


Appearance is key. Just like a saying goes, the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed. You don’t need to put dirty clothes or shoes or probably a dress off-key. For example, your interview is in a bank. Officially you’re supposed to wear a suit and not your local attire. Wearing your local attire in such interview is off-key. Doing such already gives your interviewers an impression that you are not taking the job seriously. You might also want to check out different jobs and their dress code.


Your interviewers want to see how bold you are to respond to their questions. Be sure of yourself and exhibit confidence while responding.


Eloquence means the ability to be persuasive in speech and writing. Do not stammer. Speak fluently! If you are always anxious before an interview, then you need to read How to get rid of anxiety before an interview


Like we all know, pride goes before a fall. They are your interviewers trying to see if you’re worthy of the job. You are not the only applicant for the post, remember? But you want to secure the job irrespective of the applicants, then show some respect.

Be A Computer Literate

I’m sorry I have to add this. It’s the 21st century where the world is now referred to as the globe simply because of the computer. Ensure you have a sound knowledge of machine to fit anywhere. Your chances of securing the job drop drastically if you have no idea about the computer. It’s merely the truth.

Congratulations! I hope your interview goes well. Don’t forget to share with us your feedback.

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