How To Impress A Lady On The First Date

It’s a different thing to get a lady to accept your date proposal and another thing to impress her on the date, especially when it’s both of you very first. A friend of mine asked me what to do when he was going on his very first date. Questions like; What should I wear? What do you tell her, How do I go about it? Well, I gave him some tips, and they worked out well for him.

Some days later, I should share some of the tips here to everyone on how to impress a lady on the first date. I’ll assume you have already arranged time with her, but the question is, how do you go about it? Keep reading while I unveil to you health tips to make your first date with that lady a very wonderful and memorial one.

Be Calm

Honestly, you need to relax. Don’t let anxiety take control over you. Be calm and let things fall in place. In case you are already on the date, but you are unsteady, go to the restroom, wash your face, clean up, then take a deep breath in and out. When your hormones have finally relaxed, you can go back. Ensure you don’t spend too much time away from her while doing so else you’ll bore her.

Talk Less

No lady loves a talkative, especially a guy. I know you want to tell her a lot of amazing things about you but take it gently. Give her space to talk too. It’s a date, remember. The primary purpose is for you both to know each other better.

Ask About What She Loves Doing

Many ladies love when a guy asks about their opinion on things. Asking them what they love doing, such as their hobbies, job, and lots more.

Ensure You Make Her Laugh

Making her laugh is a very vital point you need to hit. Make sure you are jovial and hilarious. Making her laugh hard is play a very significant role even after the date. You’ll make her remember you always, which brings good memories. Do you find it challenging to be hilarious? Then you might want to read: How To Be Jovial

Tell Her About Yourself (But Shortly)

Now that you’ve set her in the right mood after making her laugh. You can now tell her about yourself, like the job you do, your hobbies, your ambition, and some other things. Please make sure you do so shortly. If not, you’ll start to bore her.

Eat Your Foods Happily

Of course, there’s no date without food. As the discussion is going on, you need to attend to your stomach. Just eat happily, she’ll blend as well.

Let Things Flow

You don’t need to cram any lines because of the date. That’s not necessary. Just act calm as I said earlier and let things fall in place comfortably without stress. Don’t forget always to take a deep breath in and out if you get nervous anytime.

Tell Her How Great The Date Was

The beginning and end of things matters, including dates. You don’t just stand up and go else you’ve spoilt the impression you’ve been building all this while. You can tell her things like; I had a great time with you, thanks, or You made my day; I’ll wish to have this more often. Such a compliment will put a smile on her face and leave an excellent impression at the end.

I hope these tips work for you; I’m sure it did. Kindly give me your feedback via the comment section, and don’t forget to share if you found it helpful!

Rex Nseobong

CEO and Founder of BabyNaija. My vision is to make the internet a place like home through BabyNaija.

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