EDO 2020: Adams Oshiomhole scores Hat trick against Obaseki

EDO 2020: Adams Oshiomhole scores Hat trick against Obaseki

The last 24 hrs saw the most intriguing political event ever witnessed in recent times.


Welcome again to the knockout stages of Edo 2020 elections.


The famous round of sixteen began yesterday with Obaseki scoring a penalty kick against team Oshiomhole FC. The penalty was awarded after Obaseki deliberately dived within the penalty area and feigned injury.


A federal high court judge immediately awarded a penalty kick, which was converted to a goal.


Oshiomhole was suspended as the National Chairman of APC.


The match ended 1:0 with many political watchers dumbfounded over the turn out of events.


It was so hard to swallow that proponents of Adams Oshiomhole and the Big Four candidates in APC could not find their voice. Understandably so because the goal was abrupt.


Every political pundit was looking towards next week Wednesday for a return leg only for the news to filter in today that a hat trick has been scored by Adams Oshiomhole on behalf of Oshiomhole FC in far away Kano.


Meanwhile, the usual propaganda of unseating Oshiomhole was already flying around that Governors were meeting to find a replacement only for the news to emerge that Oshiomhole has been reinstated as the National Chairman.


As it stands it is Obaseki 1 Oshiomhole 3.


Oshiomhole now has to be proactive as gentleman no dey again o.


There are lots of underground politicking going on presently in Benin and Abuja. It is now expected from the Obaseki camp for Oshiomhole to start a reprisal battle with outside players who collaborated with Obaseki to unseat the National Chairman in Abuja.


Oshiomhole should be smart to avoid such a trap by Obaseki,


He should, as a matter of fact, forgo Ondo state and Akeredulu and just focus on Obaseki.


If Oshiomhole takes his battle outside the boundaries of Edo state from now till September then he would be consumed.


Information gathered shows that the Governor has perfected the act of whipping the sentiment of some of the populace against Oshiomhole.


Whatever ill-treatment Oshiomhole receives Obaseki’s fan club would applaud it, so it is left for Adams Oshiomhole to let all his enemies outside Edo state have their way at least for now.


If Oshiomhole is disgraced as the APC national chairman then he would also lose to his external enemies.


The APC should immediately set up its guidelines on its forthcoming primaries.


Obaseki should be history in APC in the next three weeks if Oshiomhole does the needful.


As things stand, it is all over for Obaseki as Adams reinstatement would come with a price.

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