Best Ways To Tell A Guy You Love Him Without Talking

Like most ladies will say, it’s abnormal for them to express their feelings to a guy even though they love him. He should be the one to do so. Well, I’m not here to argue about that. Hence I won’t be focusing on that aspect. In this article, I’ll be helping shy girls on how to tell a guy they love him without even talking. (My apologies if I called you shy)

Some ladies sometimes love a guy but lack his attention simply because he’s unaware, and that can be painful. Don’t worry; you’ve found the solution to your problem today!
Below is how you can tell a guy you love him even without approaching him to say it verbally.

Get Frequent Eye Contact

Since you don’t want to talk to him with your mouth, then make good use of your eyes in passing across the information. The eye is a medium of communication. Now when I say get frequent eye contact with him, I don’t mean you should start looking at him scarily or horribly. Be meek with your eyes when you both get an eye to eye contact. Trust me, it passes a piece of direct information to him.

Be Nice To Him

Do you want to get his attention? Then be kind to him. Ensure that you’re of help when he needs it. Being kind to him will automatically bring you two closer.

Become His Friend

Becoming his friend is the fastest and surest way of catching his attention quickly. Just try all possible means to get close to him and becoming his friend. Applying step 2 will help you become friends quickly.

Comport Yourself

Of course, you have to act smart, think sharp, look neat all to catch his attention as well get impressed and attracted to you.
Use Deodorant With Lovely Fragrance
Right from time, perfumes have always been part of the reasons guys get attracted to ladies. Once you smell nice, you’ll catch his attention. Just try and see.

Be Nice To His Siblings (Especially The Younger Ones)

Being kind to his siblings, especially the younger ones, is another way to make him love you automatically. You can buy them a present sometimes. Being kind to his siblings helps a lot as you’ll already have a love of his siblings, making it impossible for him not to love you also.

Be His Comfort

At times when he’s down and weary, as a good friend (which I already expect you to be) console him. Bring him food in times like this and see him genuinely fall in love with you.

I hope I was able to solve your problem. Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section. I’d honor that. Don’t forget to share as well, so the tip can circulate to every lady in need.

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